Michele Seeber, Angelo Felline, Francesco Raimoni, Simona Mariani, and Francesca Fanelli

We developed a mixed Protein Structure Network (PSN) and Elastic Network Model-Normal Mode Analysis (ENM-NMA)-based strategy (i.e. PSN-ENM) to investigate structural communication in biomacromolecules. The approach starts from a Protein Structure Graph and searches for all shortest communication pathways between user-specified residues. The graph is computed on a single preferably high-resolution structure. Information on system’s dynamics is supplied by ENM-NMA.
The PSN–ENM methodology is made of multiple steps both in the setup and analysis stages, which may discourage inexperienced users. To facilitate its usage, we implemented WebPSN, a freely available web server that allows the user to easily setup the calculation, perform post-processing analyses and both visualize and download numerical and 3D representations of the output. Speed and accuracy make this server suitable to investigate structural communication, including allosterism, in large sets of bio-macromolecular systems.The WebPSN server is freely available at http://webpsn.hpc.unimore.it.

Bioinformatics, 2014, DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu718

WebPSN: a web server for high-throughput investigation of structural communication in bio-macromolecules